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Kira Min - Painter, Visual Artist ,Filmmaker


About Kira Min

Kira Min is a painter, visual artist, and photographer. Her works are inspired by her life experiences and the beauty of the world around her. She loves to travel and draw inspiration from different cultures and landscapes.

Kira's art often fascinated by features the beauty of a woman's facial features and the transformation from reality of representing lives to her own imagination. Her works are a reflection of her soul and her artistic journey.

《Munich female model》
   Cold air pervades the uterus
   Month after month
   Pure sacrifice
   Tree of life tree of life
   In their sulphurous Miri
   Room in Munich, between Paris and Rome
   Naked, bald, wearing fur
   No one around
   Fallen Shard of Darkness
   But colorless
   All needs, desires
   Fall on me
   I can't smoke
   Poppies are like flames of hell
   I put my hand in the flame
   Does not ”burn”

Written from 2019 1.21

"Beauty should never be defined. It's Everywhere.It's anywhere you want to see with an open heart and "a vision."
"Over time, You actually move from other side to another, and other , another.."

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